The Siesta Group

Company History

Historically the company has its roots in the EU-commission funded project SIESTA , which had resulted in:

  • the world’s largest normative database of healthy human sleep (200 normals in all adult age ranges from 20-90 years, 2 PSGs each) 
  • a standardized sleep data recording protocol and other operating procedures pertaining to quality control, data transfer and storage 
  • state-of-the-art signal processing tools and novel types of analysis, tested on the normative database and a database of 100 standardized patient records with respect to major types of sleep disturbance 



Sixteen partners from seven countries join in the EU research project SIESTA and create the largest normative database of healthy sleep. For the first time it becomes possible to objectively describe anomalies in a patient’s sleep pattern taking age and gender into account. 


Members of the SIESTA research project found The Siesta Group with the aim of further developing the results of the EU project and making them available to sleep therapists and individuals around the world.


The Siesta Group is officially registered and begins business later that year.


The launch of Somnolyzer 24x7sets a milestone in sleep medicine. This breakthrough software converts raw sleep data into a standardized sleep profile objectively and instantaneously, thus offering sleep specialists a sound basis for diagnosis. For the first time Pharmaceutical companies can use computer supported PSG analysis in clinical trials and benefit from reliability of scorings and low inter-scorer variability.

The Siesta Group starts its corporate sleep screening program by conducting a large study for Austrias leading petrochemical company OMV.

In late 2004 Austrian venture capitalists Gamma Capital Partners and Univenture get on board with a significant investment into The Siesta Group, which served to further reinforce our strive to high-quality products and services.


The Siesta Group enhances the SOMNOLYZER 24x7 scoring by offering respiratory, PLM and arousal detection and analysis. To bring the benefits to the end consumers, The Siesta Group starts offering sleep analysis in spas & well-being centers.


The clinical trial services grow rapidly. Among others, The Siesta Group manages and scores two large multi-site trials in insomnia and narcolepsy.


The Siesta Group opens its North American subsidiary located in Salisbury, MD, to help support the US and Canadian sleep lab markets. The Siesta Group is the first to offer sleep scoring according to the new AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) guidelines published in May of that year. SOMNOLYZER 24x7 is ranked as the top computer supported PSG scoring solution by the AASM.


Philips-Respironics purchases Somnolyzer 24x7 and takes over the clinical/diagnostic business for sleep labs all over the world.


The Siesta Group and the clinical trial division of Philips-Respironics join forces in expanding their portfolio to supporting the measurement of sleep, wake and activity, encompassing PSG, EEG and actigraphy.


Somnolyzer 24x7 is a registered trademark by Philips


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