The Siesta Group

Research & Scientific Development

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality of sleep and EEG analysis, we perform research and development on increasing the efficiency of sleep and EEG signal and data analysis. We concentrate on

  • new developments in the analysis of sleep macro- and microstructure using state-of-the-art signal processing technology
  • new technologies for data quality control
  • new technologies for effective management of sleep and EEG data 


The Siesta Group has been partner in the EU sponsored project - SENSATION devoted to the design of new sensors for measuring sleep.

  • Starlab (Barcelona, Spain): Research on simplified portable sleep measurement
  • Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT, Vienna, Austria): Research on long-term EEG-based measurement of vigilance
  • Medical University of Vienna, Section for Artificial Intelligence, Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems (Vienna, Austria): support of master thesis work in sleep and EEG


To download our publications related to our research click here: PUBLICATIONS

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