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March 11, 2009: Worldwide sleep analysis leader The Siesta Group celebrates FDA appoval for US go-to-market

This week’s FDA approval of Somnolyzer 24x7 opens up the highly-valuable US sleep laboratory market to The Siesta Group (TSG).
TSG’s software package is set to boost existing partnerships with top world med tech players.

TSG made a major milestone in its worldwide go-to market strategy this week, after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved its software package Somnolyzer 24x7®.  The software is a diagnostic aid for sleep and respiratory disorders.  Geriatric medicine and accident prevention initiatives are just two main beneficiaries of the new possibilities opened up by TSG’s software.

Somnolyzer 24x7®
, characterised by its ease-of-use for health care personnel, evaluates established sleep analysis parameters in accordance with the latest scientific research.  This makes TSG a worldwide leader in computer supported sleep analysis, and a prime partner for pharmaceutical and other med-tech trials. Core markets include sleep labs scoring and analysis, home diagnosis products and clinical trials, with a net worth of €2.2bn.

TSG already has R&D collaborations with academic groups, as well as with pioneering sleep-medicine firms. The company, with a team of 13 European sleep scientists and solid management, is now exploring other partnership opportunities.  It is backed by lead-investor Gamma Capital Partners (GCP). 

TSG CEO Dr Georg Dorffner was enthusiastic that “thanks to the great efforts of our technical team and the support by our consultant Boston Medtech Advisors, we received the approval, which we need to make automated sleep analysis a new standard in the delivery of care, in the shortest possible time, just three months after our application. Patient satisfaction and treatment outcome will improve, and the costs of sleep diagnosis will fall.”

GCP Partner BurkhardFeurstein considered that “now could not be a better time for achievement in the US healthcare business. With a major healthcare step-up planned by the new Obama Administration, efficient yet cost-cutting products will be in high demand.”

Sleep is a fundamntal health requirement, with growing evidence that a lack of sleep increases susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, or diabetes. An average of 7-8 hours' sleep a night for adults is also essential for optimum brain function and hormone regulation. The consequences of sleep deprivation in professional life can be devastating; major industrial accidents including the Chernobyl and Exxon Valdez fiascos were cuased, in part, by overly-tired workers.

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