The Siesta Group

Joint services with Philips Respironics

Helping you make better drug development decisions 

The unique blend of Philips Respironics and The Siesta Group technologies, services, support, experience, and expertise makes the implementation and management of your complex clinical trials simpler for you and easier on your subjects and staff.
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We support the use of the following measurements in your clinical trial:

  • Actigraphy
  • Polysomnography (PSG)
  • Pharmaco-Electroencephalography (Pharmaco-EEG)
  • Sleep diaries and psychometric tests

We cover the full spectrum of endpoints for:

  • Sleep
  • Pain and CNS disorders
  • Wakefulness, vigilance
  • Physical  activity
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Sleep-wake patterns
  • Brain activity, arousal, or sedation
  • Bodily activity and related parameters



We guide your staff to create a seamless integration of these systems and processes into your study protocol and sites.

Actigraphy ambulatory monitoring systems
If you need to assess the efficacy of the drug or therapy being studied for trials dealing with objective outcome measures in sleep, wake, or physical activity, our actigraphy systems are an affordable total-cost-per-subject solution.

Somnolyzer 24x7 scoring solution
Somnolyzer is a clinically-validated, computer-assisted sleep scoring system designed to provide reliable analysis of sleep staging, arousals, respiratory events, leg movements, and microstructure of sleep.

Signal processing
Our signal processing algorithms are based on decades of experience in the field. They are applied to extract the optimal information from your data in terms of reliable trial endpoints.

Data transfer
Data transfer occurs via a secure Internet website for efficient protocol implementation.

Somnolyzer Screenshot

Protocol advising
Our experts work with you to select the most appropriate technology to capture data that best supports your endpoints.

Equipment leasing
Accommodate your short-term trial needs and bypass large investments with our customizable device rental programs (actigraphy, polysomnography, electroencephalography).

Site training
Training options are tailored to the specific requirements of your study protocol and the background of the study site staff. 

Central data scoring, analysis, and delivery
We score and aggregate the subject data and provide easy-to-read reports and comprehensive data analysis for single or multi-site scoring of sleep, wake and activity data.

Site identification and feasibility
Through our network of experts in sleep medicine, EEG, and circadian rhythm research we help find the most appropriate investigators for your single or multi-site trial.

Advanced analysis options
Our software engineers, project managers, and signal processing experts work with you to provide customized endpoint variables or novel biomarkers, and explore innovative ways of analyzing your data.

Dedicated support
A toll-free, dedicated technical support line is available for both the sponsor and the study site throughout the trial.

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